As someone training to become a coach, my experience of coaching and mentoring was as a coachee. My expectation of my supervisor as a more experienced coach was to guide me through the coaching process and to act as a sounding board to ensure my coaching technique was right. I wanted also to develop my non-directive coach style.

Carole was very patient with me. We discussed my coaching sessions in detail and she suggested ways my coaching sessions could be made even better. She was also my link with the rest of the tutors, addressing issues that came up as a result of the transition.

Great supervision, I developed a vital life skill, it may have been even better if I had more time prior to a recent work place transition.  Personally, I prefer face to face sessions however, we were also able to make use of Skype due to the distance involved.

I certainly benefitted from working with Carole who was a calm supervisor and understood the challenges of transition and public sector working.

Dr. Ayoola Oyinloye, NHS Consultant Public Health/Swindon Borough Council


As CEO of a successful growing Charity, it was paramount to me that at Alabare we recruited the right individual for a senior position on our executive team.  Carole was able to guide us through the development of a new improved recruitment process, enabling us to move away from our traditional approach of just an interview to a more professional assessment process.  This included a group exercise, written exercise and presentation in addition to a structured interview.  Carole provided the appropriate paperwork for the Assessment Day.

I would recommend you work with Carole if you wish to improve your recruitment process.  As a result of the Assessment Day we were able to successfully recruit exactly the right person for the role.

Andrew Lord, CEO Alabare


As a trainee coach I had presumed that “supervised” coaching would mean Carole physically joining me in sessions I was coaching; scribbling notes and marking my performance. Of course the reality is that sessions with clients are confidential and normally occur with just the client and coach present.

As a supervisor Carole exceeded my expectations.  We spoke several times, some face to face and others times over Skype.  I found her exceptionally easy to bond with, she was able to confirm the better aspects of my coaching style but also help me with the areas I could improve. Calling upon her experience she offered tips and techniques that I found very helpful. These included aspects to explore further with my client, improved questioning techniques and even changes I might need to make to the environment my sessions took place in.

As a trainee coach, I would have welcomed more contact with Carole however, I think this may have caused me to possibly become reliant on her. She was of course available to me whenever I made contact.

For anyone wanting to work with a supervisor, I would recommend Carole.  I found the experience rewarding, fascinating and enjoyable. Her calm reasoned approach as a seasoned practitioner, imparting her thoughts and advice on what can be a daunting experience was reassuring.  I have learned new skills and feel much more confident in applying those skills as a coach.

Glen Holmes, Head of Information Services Business Solutions, Wiltshire Council


I had always been curious, but never motivated to actually go to a coach before and then I was lucky enough to win a session with Carole.    I can honestly say I had no real expectations, although I was a little wary, more of what was expected of me.

Carole was extremely helpful and immediately put me at ease.   She gave me some solid and valuable advice.  As a result of working with Carole I am learning to prioritise things correctly, and to stop “sweating the small stuff”.   The ‘3’ item list proved very helpful and has given me clearer direction in my work and life.

If you are still thinking about working with a Coach I would say talk to Carole – you have absolutely nothing to lose and will be pleasantly surprised at what you gain.

Sian Watson, Paralegal, Dutton Gregory LLP


I was introduced to Carole through our EMCC re-accreditation process here at PB Coaching. I was new to the accreditation process and Carole's availability to share her knowledge, provide us with feedback and supportive conversations were invaluable. She took time to patiently explain the process and requirements to me in an accessible way. She has a down to earth, friendly approach and is able to deliver challenge when necessary.

Liz Dunphy

PB Coaching




As young entrepreneur owners of a new start-up business we were referred to Carole as our business coach through Business West.  We were not really sure what to expect but were seeking informative advice on planning our business strategy and finances.

 We valued the support and advice that Carole provided, it exceeded our expectations. Working with Carole gave us the confidence to create a comprehensive business plan which we submitted hoping to gain access to a grant.  We were delighted when we were successful in obtaining the grant which has enabled us to put in place plans for the growth of our business.   

In addition to the successful grant application, we were amazed to discover that as a business to consumer new start-up, we had been selected as the southwest’s regional 2013 winners for the UK Ready for Business Awards.  We had a great day out at the House of Commons for the awards ceremony.

If you are seeking to start-up in business or to grow your business we would certainly recommend that you take the opportunity of working with Carole, her support proved invaluable for us.

Karim & Vicky Beraou – Morocco Link and Victoria&K Argan Oil  https://victoriaandk.co.uk/  


As a trainee coach I wanted to be matched with a supervisor who understood the challenges of someone completely new to coaching and who could be relied upon to assist me in my development in a supportive and non judgemental way.   Carole more than exceeded my expectations, her friendly but firm approach to supervision was exactly what I needed as a complete novice to coaching.

I would describe my experience as fulfilling and enjoyable, the single best thing being Carole’s lovely warm personality.  As a result, I was able to build confidence in my coaching practice and there was the added comfort of knowing that Carole was always available to discuss any issues with me if needed.

It certainly exceeded my expectations.

Carolyn HillsCorporate HR Development Manager, North Somerset Council


I was offered career coaching through my employer as part of a redundancy support package.  I came to it a little sceptical of how such a service may be for my situation.  With little concrete expectations, my hope was to get some input from an external source on the transferability of my experience and skills set to a wider career options.

Carole most definitely exceeded my expectations. I found it invaluable to discuss my situation with someone who was clearly a very experienced practitioner, helping me to view my skills, experience and expectations in a sharper focus

Having professional discussions with an experienced practitioner who had no history with me, hence no preconceived ideas or opinions re-assured me.  It gave me the opportunity to discuss what I wanted from my next employment, as well as acknowledging what I didn't want and how realistic this was. Some of the exercises encouraged me to really explore all aspects of my career history to identify the enjoyable and not so enjoyable elements, this was particularly useful in helping me see the bigger picture.

The sessions we had proved extremely useful and informative, a valuable learning experience me.  I would certainly recommend people try career coaching with Carole, to take advantage of the opportunity to have external, impartial advice on transferable skills and career options. 

Jayne Maddock – Education Advisor


Starting a new business is daunting.  We were fortunate to have Carole as our Business Coach on the European High Growth programme.  Her help and assistance throughout the process gave us the confidence to move forward with our plans.  Her knowledge and experience came through giving me the kind of guidance I needed at such a vital time in my business's development.  Carole has exceptional people skills with an articulate ability to make sense of what to some people may find confusing and the reasoning as to why you need to follow certain processes.  

All in all, I could not recommend the support and advice Carole has provded us with highly enough.

Brian Thompson - Uneedus, your virtual fleet management


Training to become a coach I was looking for support and advice on the journey towards my coaching qualification.

I felt the support I received from Carole as a supervisor was excellent and in fact I miss that now.  I found it helpful to talk through all the different scenarios that occur and a reminder to remain as the coach in the process. 

Carole has a very personal approach and an understanding of the issues facing the Local Authority.  A realism perspective rather than corporate spin!  An independent ear and someone to give ideas on a fresh approach with people.  Some reassurance that I was doing a good job was very helpful as it built my confidence.

I found the whole experience positive, supportive and enjoyable.  I now have another area of work that I could progress into, even a career opportunity in the future.I tend to view things now as opportunities and not threats.

I would recommend anyone thinking about working with a supervisor to just do it! 

Carole has a friendly and professional approach, I very quickly felt able to speak to her in confidence and appreciated her honesty and experience.

Nicky SkinnerSenior Area Co-Ordinator, Strategic Services, Wiltshire Council


Whilst training to become a coach I hadn’t given much thought as to what I would receive in terms of supervision, I guessed this meant supervision in the taught elements of the programme, so I was pleasantly surprised to find I got one to one direct access!

My expectations were exceeded, Carole was extremely helpful, easy to get on with and intuitive to the issues I was dealing with. The use of Skype was a bonus in my busy diary.

I found the discussions helpful, encouraging my thinking and guiding my research. We had some excellent exchanges about coaching issues that Carole, with her experience was able to help me find solutions. This extended to her looking up research articles to stimulate my thinking.

I found the experience as valuable, supportive and positively challenging!  The ability to talk face to face with someone with more experience than me as a coach was a bonus.  With a wealth of knowledge and experience that she uses in an insightful manner, I have no doubt Carole could help any coach or coachee with issues they are dealing with, positively.

Matt Prosser, CEO Weymouth & Portland and West Dorset District Councils


I met Carole at a networking event and immediately liked her approach to business relationship.  I had no expectations other than to find out first-hand how through coaching, she engaged with other professionals.

At a good time in my professional journey, she has supported me in raising the bar with on-going professional awareness, secured a number of different approaches to professional relationship building and offered opportinities to explore a stronger self-belief and ways to communicate this equitably to a range of audiences.

Working with Carole has been exciting, expectant, rewarding and developmental!   I would say to anyone thinking about coaching with Carole, that you have to try it!

Marcel Ciantar,   CEIL, Budmouth College, Weymouth



Struggling alone in the business world isn't easy; a good business idea isn't any more than a good idea until it is put into practice, that's the hard part. Carole's expertise and understanding has been paramount in the success of Jim Fitness.

Without Carole's expertise, sympathetic understanding of business problems and understanding of my lack of appropriate knowledge of some of the finer points of business etiquette, I would not be in business today.

I have found working with Carole to be an enjoyable experience, not a chore to be avoided until a crisis needs to be resolved. Carole has got under the skin of my business and understands it as a business commodity. As a personal trainer I look after the fitness and health of my clients. As a business coach, Carole Davidson Coaching is working with me in looking after the health and fitness of my business!

Jim Gregory Personal Trainer, Jim Fitness


At first I was unsure I needed coaching and how it could be of use to me after running a very successful business for 26 years. Having met Carole she came across as a straightforward person able to use open questions to gain insight into what my thoughts were.

I was aware some changes needed to be made but due to life changing circumstances I did not have the confidence and self belief to do this. Once issues were aired I was able to formulate a plan of action of how to progress and what outcomes I wanted to achieve. With Carole's support I became focused and progressed changes within the business and had the motivation and confidence to move forward. Carole's non-judgmental attitude, probing questions, the listening and clarification of what I was saying all assisted me in decision-making.

I would say to anyone considering coaching GO FOR IT! - you never know what strengths and resourcefulness Carole and you might uncover - all with the flexibility of delivering the service to meet your needs, from meeting in hotels, at the office and to even walking the dog!

Maryann Huxter MD, Hygiene Cleaning Techniques


I was not sure what to expect from business coaching but was aware I needed to have a plan and clarity. Carole supported me as with the clarity I gained higher esteem and confidence to take the business onwards. Now that I have a plan for the way forward I feel opportunities keep presenting themselves! Carole's listening and reflecting back enabled me to clarify what I needed to do. The impromptu emails I received from Carole brightened my day and kept me focused and on track. I would certainly recommend business coaching sessions with Carole Davidson Coaching for those people seriously wanting to move the business up a gear.

Sue Landon, PR Garage


I am already fairly familiar with the process of coaching but have found that some coaches don't understand the issues or try to give too many solutions. Carole was friendly and very flexible, a good listener and not overly directive. Carole guided me towards better clarity which led to some light bulb moments! I was able to verbalise the insights I gained in a non-threatening environment and was able to flexible around my priorities without rigid plans being enforced which suited my style.

I would certainly recommend Carole as a business coach, especially if you are not sure of where your priorities lie or are just not clear of the way forward. Through her excellent questioning skills to gain clarity, we worked with my issues as they arose and I was able to design my own plan to accommodate these.

Fiona Taylor MD, Vital Impact


Our sessions together gave me the opportunity to clarify my objectives and have a very clear action plan of specific tasks to do as well as general lines of enquiry and things to try out. Carole's questioning technique enabled me to articulate my own knowledge and focus my efforts, she was particularly good at picking up dissonance between what I thought I was saying consciously, and what I was really saying.

Carole was able to relay this information as an observation without judgment, so I didn't feel cornered into defending, but could think it through as an interesting impartial insight - I really appreciated this aspect.

I would certainly recommend Carole as a coach who is able to help you clarify your objectives and to get you moving on achieving them!

Jo Crowson, Business Development Manager, Circomedia, Bristol


Carole has a very warm, empathic, calm nature. She is remarkable at getting me to focus and not drift off in another direction. She has sometimes challenged my reasons for doing something, which at first I found rather difficult, but ultimately I thought was necessary and in many ways liberating. I have subsequently made significant progress in my career and feel I am in a much better position to tackle the future on my own.

Elizabeth Goddard, Learning & Development Manager North Herts DC


Carole has worked in the same environment as her clients and she immediately understands their challenges and gets straight to the point. I was impressed by the way she avoided simply telling me what to do, and instead helped me focus my own goals into a clear and individual strategy.

Senior Partner Law Firm