Executive Coaching

Local Government  – CEO’s, Directors and Managers

How to deploy business skills and disciplines within a public sector context?

In the current climate of reducing finance, increasing competition and regulation, the  requirement to continuously change to improve the performance whilst innovating and reducing costs is difficult to achieve.  The transformation in local government means that what worked in the past may not be relevant to the future. As a Council, there is a growing need to become more self-sufficient and less dependent on government.

As a leader, in order to meet these challenges, you need to be agile, focussed on innovation and value creativity whilst continuously learning and improving. The leaders of the future will require exceptional knowledge, skills, ability and support.

Carole Davidson Coaching provides the support to make this happen, specialising in executive coaching and leadership mentoring and management & leadership development with individuals.

Having been involved in several major transformation programmes in the private sector and in local government Carole has worked with leaders to improve performance and maintain staff engagement whilst reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction.