Executive Coaching

Law – Managing Partners/Partners

The top 100 law firms are spending an estimated £4.5 million on coaching annually.  Whilst in the old days you didn’t tell anybody if you had an executive coach, nowadays you probably look deficient if you haven’t got one!  Coaching with City firms in particular, is used as a means of motivating partners and staff.

Coaching for Managing Partners/Partners is not for the feint hearted.  It is a challenging relationship built on mutual respect and trust.  It is for those who really want to improve their performance and raise their game whilst earning CPD hours.

Are you experiencing:-

  • constant conflict with your partners
  • the feeling of isolation
  • wondering who is there to succeed you
  • constant barriers preventing your success
  • difficulty getting buy-in from your partners
  • senior partners wanting to retire a lot earlier
  • conflicting priorities – clients, partners, staff, marketing, business performance


We help our clients increase their skills and leverage existing competencies to achieve the following results:-

  • focussed strategic planning and decision making
  • improved project management and team leadership
  • effective business development
  • strategies for promoting a more authentic and effective professional image
  • reliable time management and organisational strategies to increase productivity and client value
  • effective succession planning

Learn how to inspire others with your leadership!


Working with an Executive Coach is like having a personal trainer for your legal career