Executive Coaching

Human Resources

Local Government

HR Practitioners in the public sector face constant challenges as the government continues to push for improved delivery of front-line services alongside greater efficiency.

How can you upgrade the HR function to meet the challenges facing you and how do you become more strategic?  How do you raise your game and provide evidence of your value to the organisation?

As a qualified local government Coach & Supervisor Carole is able to guide HR practitioners to:

  • focussed strategic planning and decision making
  • improved project management and team leadership
  • strategies for promoting a more authentic and effective professional image
  • reliable time management and organisation strategies to increase productivity
  • effective succession planning

Professional Services

HR Practitioners in the professional services face constant challenges as partners roles change and they strive to be ahead of the competition whilst retaining their key people.

How do you demonstrate you add value as a professional in your own right?   How do you get the buy-in from partners to your HR strategy when they are driven by time and fee earning?

Our coaching addresses these issues among others:

  • prioritising commitments and setting boundaries
  • managing conflict
  • feeling of isolation
  • operational demands
  • influencing partners